Wishniak LLC helps small businesses and individuals with affordable technology products and services. Look to Wishniak, LLC for your online presence needs.

Learn About Wishniak, LLC

Our Beginnings

Wishniak, LLC was founded in July 2007 by Rick Plavnicky. Having spent twenty-five years in Corporate IT, Mr. Plavnicky found that small, local businesses - and individuals, too - were seriously underserved by most technology service and consultative organizations. He discovered that traditional consultancies were either uninterested in serving smaller customers or that they were simply priced out of reach. Individuals needing help managing the increasing technology load in the home had little choice but to use the by-the-hour services of local retailers. Clearly there was a gap to fill!


Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, we're presently not hiring for any permanent positions.

Going Green

At Wishniak, LLC, minimizing waste is woven into our day-to-day operations. We're an online company, and we support and encourage remote-work whenever possible. Our development environments are fully virtualized, which cuts energy use for power and cooling. We employ paperless invoicing.

Community Service

At Wishniak, LLC we're keenly interested in giving back to the community. We support a variety of local causes with our time and money. Come explore our community service and volunteer efforts.

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