Wishniak LLC helps small businesses and individuals with affordable technology products and services. Look to Wishniak, LLC for your online presence needs.

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Our studios and offices are located in magnificent central Florida. Address correspondence to

Wishniak, LLC
13 Bay Court Pass
Ocklawaha, Florida 32179-5602

Telephone & FAX

One toll-free number is all you need!

888 WISH 412

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Hours of Operation

We're committed to work/life balance and respect these office hours:

Weekdays (Monday through Friday)
9 am through 5 pm Eastern Time


We respond best through email and off-hours responses are not unusual.

Sales: sales@wishniak.com

Promotions: promotions@wishniak.com

Anything else: support@wishniak.com


Thank you for the opportunity to help you succeed!

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